Pickup, Dating, and Relationship Coaching

I may be available as a coach for pickup, dating, seduction, and relationships.

To learn more, CONTACT ME.

I offer two types of coaching:

  • A ONE TIME CALL to talk about any topic that interests you
  • A ONE MONTH PACKAGE, to learn more about you, build you a plan, and work with you 2X per week (one call, one email)
  • If you want someone to talk through a given issue, the one time call might be okay.  It’s also a good way to see if you like me, if you feel you can trust me.

    If you want to get better, however,  you’re going to need to practice.  Working with me over a month allows you to get some coaching, go practice, and come back and talk about that work (and those girls).

    I don’t do in person coaching, but I can make some recommendations in some cases.

    To learn more, CONTACT ME.